Introducing the Patch Pack Winter Edit: Your essential companion for the chilly season ahead! We've handpicked a selection of products designed to support your well-being and keep you healthy throughout the winter months.

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Why you'll love it

Our IMMUNITY patch delivers a daily dose of vitamin C, zinc, echinacea and gingko biloba to help strengthen the immune system and reduce the effects of colds and flus.


vitamin c | zinc | echinacea | ginkgo biloba

How to use

Just peel + stick! 

Peel the patch from the backing sheet. Place the IMMUNITY patch on a hairless area of skin + you are done! 

Where to wear

Place the IMMUNITY patch on a hairless area of skin, such as the upper arm, lower back, abdomen, or inner wrist, and leave on for 24 hours. Use daily for consistent results.

"I used these in the build up to my wedding. Definitely helped ward off colds and flu"

Jac, verified buyer

Into the ingredient

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