Remedy Rewards FAQ

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What is Remedy Rewards?

Remedy Rewards is The Patch Remedy's loyalty program designed to thank and treat our most favourite and devoted patch customers!

How do I join?

To join all you need to do is create an account here. Already have an account? Then you're already part of the programme.

Does it cost anything to join?

Remedy Rewards is free to join - just sign up and enjoy the benefits.

How do I earn points?

There are lots of ways for you to earn points. Not only will you earn points on every patch purchase, you can also earn points for leaving a review, following our socials and as a birthday gift for you!

How do I redeem Remedy Rewards?

Redeeming your Remedy Rewards is easy. Make sure you are signed into your account, click 'Redeem My Points' and copy & paste your code to use at checkout. Please note, codes can only be used on orders with a minimum spend of $50.

How do points convert to dollars?

Super simply!

$5 Off - 100 points

$10 Off - 200 points

$15 Off - 300 points

Do points ever expire?

Points are valid for 12 months from when you join Remedy Rewards. Your points will expire after one year of inactivity - such as redeeming points or placing an order.

Can I refer a friend?

Absolutely! We'd love you to patch up a friend. Simply refer your friend using the email form above and they will get $10 off their first patch purchase over $50.

What do I get for referring a friend?

We'll give you $10 in points for referring your friend.