Health patches are a popular alternative to supplements, and they are one of the most effective ways to get your daily dose of herbs and vitamins. All you need to do is place the patch on a hairless area of skin, and our all natural blends will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Health patches are safe, easy-to-use, convenient and ideal for anyone who is on the go or has trouble taking traditional supplements (including children).

At The Patch Remedy, we have patch blends that enhance wellbeing in all sorts of ways - you can check out our patches here.


Explore Our Health Patches

Our patches use the latest technology to constantly release unique blends of minerals, herbs and antioxidants directly through the skin. The active ingredients in our patches are housed within a specially formulated substance called the ‘matrix’, which is a polymer system that is incorporated within the adhesive. When a patch is applied to your skin, the heat of your body activates the flow of nutrients. As the nutrients move further into the layers of your skin, they are absorbed into the bloodstream and then transported to the cells.

Patches bypass the digestive system, which makes them one of the most effective means of getting herbs and minerals into the body.


What Are the Benefits of Health Patches?

Patches are becoming an increasingly popular way to take supplements and enhance wellbeing. Patches are safe, convenient, effective and easy to use. They are also perfect for people who don’t like taking pills.

Health patches are great because they are:

  • Easy to use - no pill swallowing or liquids required
  • Effective - they offer increased absorption of herbs and minerals
  • Discreet - they can be worn under clothing
  • Convenient - they can easily be used ‘on the go’
  • Safe for adults and children


How Do You Use a Health Patch?

Patches are very simple to use. Just place the patch on a hairless area of skin, like the upper arm, shoulder, inner wrist, lower back or abdomen. If you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to regularly rotate where you put the patches to avoid any skin irritation. Just follow the instructions on your patch, and you will be good to go.

Patches can be worn by themselves, or you can wear more than one at a time. For example, our Sleep and Magnesium patches work beautifully together, as do our Menopause and Sleep patches. Every individual is different and metabolises nutrients differently, so if you are new to patches, we recommend that you start with just one patch. You can then build up to one, two or even three patches until your desired effect is achieved.


Which Patch Should You Try First?

A great patch to start with is our general immune-boosting patch. Our Immunity patch delivers a daily dose of vitamin C, zinc, echinacea and ginkgo biloba to help strengthen the immune system, boost general wellbeing and prevent/reduce the effects of colds and flus.

Questions? Just Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about patches, please just get in touch. We would love to discuss the benefits of using patches, and can recommend which patches will be the most suitable for your needs and goals.


If you would like to find out more about our patches, you can read all about patches here. We recommend that you chat with your healthcare provider before switching to patches or taking new herbs, minerals and supplements.

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