The Patch Pack - Winter Edit

36 patches : 6 patches of each variety.
$33.00 CAD $40.00

Introducing the Patch Pack Winter Edit: Your essential companion for the chilly season ahead! We've handpicked a selection of patches designed to keep you healthy throughout the colder months.

Why you'll love it

The Patch Pack Winter Edit contains a sheet of 6 patches from each of the following varieties:

SLEEP: helps promote a rejuvenating night’s sleep

IMMUNITY: naturally strengthens the immune system.

ENERGY : helps boost your natural energy levels

FOCUS : supports concentration, memory and mental clarity.

DAILY DETOX : kickstarts your system with a detox in a patch

RELAX : helps relieve tension, stress & anxiety.


SLEEP valerian root extract | passionflower | hops | magnesium glycinate

IMMUNITY vitamin c | zinc | echinacea | ginkgo biloba

ENERGY caffeine from guarana extract | taurine | glucuronolactone | green tea | vitamin B3 | vitamin B5 | Vitamin B6

FOCUS ginkgo biloba | acetyl-l-carnitine | bacopa monnieri | magnesium L-threonate | camellia sinensis

DAILY DETOX glutathione | n-acetyl cysteine

RELAX l-theanine | lemon balm | valerian | ashwagandha | passionflower | vitamin B6 | rhodiola rosea

How to use

Just peel + stick! 

Peel the patch from the backing sheet. Place the patch on a hairless area of skin + you are done! 

"These help our family when we are feeling run down or are sick. Great ingredients."

Laura G, verified buyer

yep, it's that easy

How to Use

1. Just peel the patch from the backing sheet.

2. Stick on any hairless area of skin. You are done!