The Patch Pack - Summer Edit

36 patches : 6 patches of each variety.
$24.00 USD $29.00

Introducing The Patch Pack - Summer Edit, the ultimate sampler for anyone looking for an easy + effective way to good health. Our curated pack includes six of our best selling varieties so you'll have everything you need to stay on top of your health this summer.

Why you'll love it

The Patch Pack Summer Edit contains a sheet of 6 patches from each of the following varieties:

METABOLISE : helps ignite your body's natural metabolic function

SLEEP: helps promote a rejuvenating night’s sleep

MAGNESIUM : soothes muscles and calm nerves

HANGOVER : helps reduce headache and nausea after drinking

ENERGY : helps boost your natural energy levels

DAILY DETOX : kickstarts your system with a detox in a patch


METABOLISE Fucus vesiculosus | 5HTP | Guarana extract | L- carnitine | Zinc Citrate | Zinc Pyruvate | Yerba mate | Lecithin | Flax Seed | Raspberry Ketone

SLEEP valerian root extract | passionflower | hops | magnesium glycinate

MAGNESIUM magnesium glycinate

HANGOVER glutathione | milk thistle extract | n-acetyl cysteine | ginger extract | ginseng extract | prickly pear extract

ENERGY Caffeine from guarana extract | Taurine | Glucuronolactone | Green Tea | Vitamin B3 | Vitamin B5 | Vitamin B6

DAILY DETOX glutathione | n-acetyl cysteine

How to use

Just peel + stick! 

Peel the patch from the backing sheet. Place the patch on a hairless area of skin + you are done! 

"I love these patches. I've been using them for 6 months. They make me calmer, and my sleep is so much better."

Judy P, verified buyer

yep, it's that easy

How to Use

1. Just peel the patch from the backing sheet.

2. Stick on any hairless area of skin. You are done!